Industrial Grade Potassium Bromide

Industrial Grade Potassium Bromide.

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  • CAS: 7758-02-3
  • Main Content: KBr

Industrial Grade Potassium Bromide

CHEMICAL FORMULA : KBr     M.W.: 119.01  CAS#:7758-02-3

DESCRIPTION: white crystalline,or  powder,  density in 2。75(at 25℃),melting point on 734℃,boiling point on 1435℃, dissolved in water and  glycerin, with hygroscopicity, pH in 5-8.

APPLICATION:used as sensitive emulsion of cinema film and photographic film or developer and thicker, sedative in medicine, also be used to preparation of special soap, carving and printing.


Industrial  grade


White crystal

purity                      %


Moisture                    %


Chloride(as Cl)               %


Bromate(as BrO3)            %


Sulphate(as SO4 )              %


Iodide(as I)                  %


Iron(as Fe)                   %


Heavy Metal(as Pb)             %


Degree of clearance



25kg/bag,palletized,shrink wrapped.

Remark:We may make special specification according to customer’s requirements.